Why Is My Right Galaxy Bud So Quiet? Getting the Best Earphone Experience

Why Is My Right Galaxy Bud So Quiet

Over 68% of adults in the US listen to music, but they listen to different genres of music. Music is a soothing aspect of life, and people connect with different types of beats, song lyrics, and music tempos so that one person’s favorite is the worst for another person.

This being the case, you can’t always listen to your music out loud; sometimes, especially when you are with other people, you need to keep it to yourself. The best way to do this is to use earphones, and Galaxy buds are some of the best so let’s look at them;

Why Is My Right Galaxy Bud So Quite?

The bud could be damaged or dirty. As you use the Galaxy bud, it accumulates small particles and builds up dirt and wax, it might even get damaged, or the particle makes it get less loud over time, so you need to clean them regularly.

Simple Fix For Reduced Volume On One Ear

The issue with one of the Galaxy earbuds failing is more common than you’d think. You might think they have a permanent problem, and you want to replace them, but you have to try this before going shopping. Here is a free solution for your galaxy earbud problems;

  • Take your earbuds out, set them down on a clear table, and then take the tip-off. Start by cleaning out the tip since it might have some dirt and wax over time. 
  • Once the tip is off, you will see a metal grating. If this is your first time opening the buds, the glue will be around the grating. 

Use a needle or pick tool to pry the grating off and expose the interior. If this isn’t your first time, then the glue will not be a problem since it is one-time glue, and it doesn’t hold once you take it off for the first time.

  • You will most likely see ear wax if you flip the grating over. Clean the earwax before moving on since there are sensors in the earphones, which the wax messes with and makes the bud play music at a lower volume.

In some models, you will take off the grating but won’t see the wax, so you might think that is not the problem. Instead, you will see a black filter behind the metal grating, but there is nothing to clean, wrong.

  • The ear wax is at times between the metal grating and filter. The filter is there to block the wax, so it doesn’t go all the way into the electronics. Now use your prying tool or needle to lift the filter and clean the wax out.

Use a Q-tip and cleaning agent, mostly spirit or alcohol, to clean the wax out of your filter. Don’t use water since it will not do a good job, and it might cause more damage to your earbuds. Please don’t soak the Q-tips; get them wet enough to clean the buds.

  • After cleaning, make sure the parts are dry and start replacing them. Put the filter back on the metal grating, then put the gratin on your earbuds. The buds will stay in place even without the glue, so you should avoid using glue.

The issue with glue is that you might not have the accuracy of a machine, so you end up spilling it over the grating and filter, then you would have a permanent problem. You might also use glue that is too powerful to get off, so you can’t fix the earbuds the next time they get silenced.

Earbuds are small, so you have to be delicate when removing parts of them. A little too much pressure could cause damage to the speakers or connections, which will force you to replace them. 

Galaxy Buds Pro Full Review

Samsung has been on a roll lately, putting out four new wireless ear pods in a single year. Wireless earphones are becoming more common, and if you want to get Samsung buds, here is a detailed review to help you see if that is a good idea;

The first thing that stands out is the superior sound quality. Samsung used dual drivers like in the Samsung Galaxy Bud plus, but they redesigned them, and you can hear the difference using them side by side.

They offer a well-balanced sound combination, rich bass, and high-frequency response, which allows you to hear everything, even where a lot is going on. They will provide excellent instrument separation and vocals when you listen to music.

The Samsung buds pro pairs quickly and easily with most iOS and Mac devices. You won’t get all the features when using it with an iPhone; you will miss out on 3600 sound and the ability to read out messages or have a hands-free assistant.

Samsung hasn’t upgraded their Samsung buds app for iOS, but they function best in their default mode, so you don’t need to go into the app and change their settings. There is no latency in watching movies and videos; thus, they are a solid choice.

The improved dual drivers ensure a rich deep base closer to a natural surround sound system. All the small sounds that make action movies fun are immersive, and they get you into the film. The vocals are apparent and easy to get instead of silenced by the action.

The Galaxy buds pro has about 300 milliseconds of latency for gamers, which isn’t the best. Depending on the game and how picky you are, it is right in the line of being usable. It is still an improvement from previous versions and thus might be worth a try.

The ambient mode sounds much better than the buds plus, and the default; standard mode sounds more natural. A big part of this is the improved microphones, take a listen, and you will hear the difference.

You can take calls, and the other person will not have a problem hearing you, even in reasonably loud surroundings. Your voice will be clear and easy to hear; thus, it significantly improves the Galaxy buds pro.

The icing on this product is the battery life. It is not as high as Galaxy Bud plus’s 11 hours, but any earbuds with voice cancellation can’t last that long. Samsung’s claim of about 5 hours on a full charge without active noise cancellation is spot on.

Without ANC, you will get about 28 hours, but with noise cancellation on, it comes to about 18 hours which is still impressive. Samsung also changed the charging case, and they are using the minor case with some updates.

The shape makes it easier to put the earbuds in, and magnets hold the buds and lids, making it safer to love the buds without them falling out. You can also be at ease since these earbuds are waterproof for up to 1 meter.

How To Wear And Care For Your Galaxy Buds

You might have a problem putting on most wireless earbuds if you are not used to them since they mostly have a complicated design. This is not the case with Galaxy buds since they have a simple design, and they are labeled to make it easy to wear them.

The earbuds are ear-specific, so you need to check for the L and R symbols which indicate left and right. Once you get the right side, ensure the mic mesh is facing down into your ear and adjust it to get a snug fit. 

The earbuds come with three ear tips designed to accommodate different ears. Try them and use the one that fits best. Keep the others since you can replace them if you damage the original pieces.

It would help to clean the earbuds regularly to get the best sound quality. Extended use without cleaning the earbuds will make them perform less efficiently, and you will hear the sound deteriorate in one or both ears.

Remove the ear tip to get access to the mesh so you can get rid of any wax and dirt that could have accumulated on the metal grating. 

Use a clean, dry brush or Q-tips to clean the air buds at the grating and air duct since that is where most of the dirt goes. If the earbuds get wet, make sure you dry them off thoroughly before using or charging.


One of your buds could get quiet if you go for too long without cleaning it. You need to get all the ear wax out of the buds if any side gets quiet. It might be damaged, but it is better to check before buying a new pair. 

The new Galaxy Bud pro is significantly better than an older version and any air pods you could use. If you take good care of them, these earbuds will serve you for a long time, and you will enjoy the high-quality sound every day.

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