How To Delete Flipagram Account; Getting Out Of Flipagram

How To Delete Flipagram Account

Videos are a big deal to most people, and at some point, you will need to use a video editor with a few of your projects. 

The editor could be high-end and professional to give you an insane level of editing options, or it could be simple and easy to use.

Flipagram, which is currently called Vimeo, is one of the more straightforward video editors, and it helps you make small changes and add music files to your project. Let us get into its details to see how it works and how it can be of use to you;

How To Delete Flipagram Account

You can log out of your Flipagram account, but you can’t delete the account from the app; you need help from the customer support team.

  1. Open the email with which you registered for the account and use it to compose the request. Make sure you get the correct email since it is the email used to find and delete your data.
  2. Set the address to 
  3. Compose the email and as a subject, type in “Delete My Account Info” or anything in that general direction.
  4. In the body, make it clear that you want your account deleted, you don’t need to go into details, and you don’t even need a reason. Send the email, and you should get confirmation that Flipagram deleted your account and email information.

How To Setup A Flipagram Account

Humans are social, and a considerable percentage is always looking for new ways to meet new people and make meaningful bonds. 

You might have heard of the new Flipagram, and you want to use it to socialize, but you don’t know how to get about it. 

The first thing you will need to do is download the app; once you have the app, you need to create an account to share your content and view that shared by others. Here is a guide on how you should start;

  1. Launch the app and click on the Get started button on the landing page. You can create an account using Facebook or email; we will be using email for this guide.
  2. You will go into a new page where you need to create the account and add your details. You can add a profile photo if you want to. There are many options for getting the profile photo, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or your gallery.
  3. Put in your actual name, user name, active email address, and a password for your account. A green tick will appear as you fill each field if the details are correct or the username is not in use already. 
  4. Once you fill in the password, press enter, and you will get into a new account.
  5. If you have a Facebook account, the following window allows you to log in and find friends who use the app, a great place to start looking for followers. If you don’t want to, you can skip this option and go straight to the menu.
  6. In the next window, you will get a long list of suggested users; these are people you might know or share interests with; thus, it could be a good idea to take a look. Press finish once you are done, and there is your account.

Flipagram works almost the same way as Instagram, where you will follow people and like their videos. 

You can also get followers depending on the quality of your content, and it can be a lot of fun if you do it right. 

You can go to the account settings and change your profile picture whenever you need to.  The app itself is pretty standard and easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the features and buttons.

How To Create A Flipagram

Flipagram is easy to use, and you can get a good video with music or narration without breaking a sweat. If you have had issues with it before and you want to know how to use it, here is a simple guide for you;

  • The first step will be downloading the app onto your device since you need it to do anything, install the app, and allow it permission for your gallery, storage, and to record audios along with anything else it needs. 
  • Start by pressing the start button on your phone or tablet, then decide which one you want to use as you look through your collections. You can choose media on your phone, or that is posted on social media if you have an active account. 

Click on one of the available options, be it camera roll, pics, or Facebook, and you will get a screen with all the images in that category. Tap on the photos you want to use in the Flipagram video and press the checkmark at your top right screen. 

You can arrange the photos in the order you want them to play. This is not compulsory since Flipagram will organize your photos, but it is crucial to most people. If you need to arrange it, tap on the photo and move it to the position you want it in. 

Once you are done, press the arrow pointing to the right on the top right part of your device, and it should take you to a new window, a video editing window. 

  • In the new window, you can press play on the video to see how many photos you have used and how they appear in the final edit. Press the play button, and the video will roll with the images as you need it to. 

You can also add a music file to make the video nicer and more meaningful to the person getting it. The other option is to record a narration explaining what the Flipagram is about and what is going on in the video to give context.

  • Once you are done, press the checkmark at the top right part of your screen, and if the video is ready, press yes in the confirmation pop-up. Depending on the size of your project, the window might load for a few seconds before saving the document.

The setup and presentation of the icons on your screen will vary depending on the phone you use since the Android app and iOS differ slightly. 

The new app makes the whole process much simpler and quicker for you. You will get several suggestions to share your video or add music files since these are vital parts of a good project, and it is worth a try.

Flipagram App Review

Flipagram has been around for a while, but they recently updated their app, and it is sleek. Let us get into the details of this app to see how much fun you will have with it and see if it is worth downloading. 

On the home page, you will notice the app is similar to vine in that you can scroll through and you have videos playing. There is much more emphasis on GIFs and videos than there used to be on the previous versions.

The social element is involved much heavier in the social piece than it used to be. The app is well cleaned up, and it has been made better. You can search in the toolbar and see your top Flipstars.

You can scroll through the options and select one to see the kinds of post challenges and posts on the topic. They wanted to open up the door to a more social app, which is what they achieved.

The app pushes for sharing, which is a good sign since most people create these videos to post or share with friends. You will like how quickly and easily you can get things done and share them with your friends.

You can go to the account settings to see how many followers you have and your profile photo. You can change it if you want to, and you can add links to other websites, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms related to your Flipagram.

The new Flipagram app was born out of the success of other social apps; thus, the design is very similar and intuitive. 

If you have used Instagram or vine, you should not have any problem using Flipagram, so go check it out.


You can delete your Flipagram account by emailing the customer service line and requesting they delete your information. 

Legally they have to do it, and you will get a notification to confirm that your account information has been deleted from Flipagram’s database.

Flipagram is a good app, and it has improvements that make it an even better choice to edit and post your videos. 

The updated app has a social feature which is an excellent addition to the whole setup, and it makes the app an option for a lot of people.

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