How To Delete Walgreens Account- A Guide To Walgreens Account Usage

How To Delete Walgreens Account

Walgreens has introduced a much easier and safer way to shop, save money and live better. You can easily use the toolbar on the top of the Walgreens home page to find the products you are looking for. Walgreens offers varieties of loyalty rewards in the form of points earned when purchasing items directly on the website. It is one of the most convenient ways of shopping, especially for medical and general health products online.

So, How do I Delete my Walgreens Account?

To delete your Walgreens account, go to the home page, click on your account at the top and go to the Settings & Payment tab. Under this tab, click on personal information and click on the “Edit” button, then click on “Save Changes” to remove your current account.

Using Your Walgreens Account

Once you have set up an account with Walgreens, you will get verified before you begin shopping and ordering for pharmaceutical and other general health products. The fastest way to find what you are looking for is to go to the Walgreens website and then click on its search box located on the home page and type in a keyword related to the product you are looking for online.

If you are looking for a specific item, you may type in the item number or WIC, which is the product code, or the SKU or UPC inside the search box.

If you use the search feature and still can’t find what you are looking for, you can try entering a synonym product in the search toolbox or searching in a different category. Keep in mind that product prices may slightly differ in stores and online as online sales and offers, for instance, can cause slight price variations.

Things You Should Know About Walgreens Usage

The following are essential information you should have as regards using Walgreens for shopping;

1 Your Shopping Cart

Your shopping cart can only hold products you select into it for a maximum of 30 days. You are always advised to remove any out-of-stock products from the shopping cart before you check out. Also, keep in mind that Walgreens only accept in-store manufacturer coupons printed from the internet. These coupons must be valid at the time of redemption.

2. Products and Pricing

Any product with no contact lenses that you ordered can be canceled within 30 minutes of placing such orders. You need to contact customer service on a toll-free number to complete this. You can’t add or remove from a submitted order, and you will have to create a new order for a different product.

Walgreens has the right to set the maximum quantity per order, and the current limit to the number of a particular product you can order is 30. Walgreens exercise this right to reduce the risks of sudden inventory depletion. They also want to limit item quantity per household.

Prescriptions, contact lenses, and product orders are handled separately; hence separate charges apply, and you will receive the shipments separately.

It is possible to pre-order a product on Walgreens, especially on products that qualify. You will see a pre-order button beside such products. You will receive an email as soon as a pre-order is available on a product.

Walgreens products are guaranteed 100%, and you can return the unused portion of a product and get a full refund if you are unsatisfied. This rule applies to specific products only.

3. The Pharmacy Section

There are several things you should know about using Walgreens’ pharmacy section. You can start managing your prescriptions once you have become registered online. You may order an express refill from the bright blue pharmacy box on the home page. Select your order type or click on “Manage prescriptions” at the header in the left column.

To refill prescriptions, click on the “Refill prescriptions” button on the Pharmacy & Health page. From your “Manage prescription page,” you will see some information, including; prescriptions, last filled, status and price, and refills. Refills that are due can be found on the “Refill due” icon located beside the prescription that is currently due.

You can set up a 90-day prescription by checking that the product is 90-day prescription eligible. You will see this under the refills column. Go to the “Manage prescriptions” page, then click on “Convert to 90 days” to convert your existing prescriptions to the 90-day supply option.

For in-store prescription pickup, you need to pay by entering your credit card information into the ExpressPay, and your order will be billed in-store when you pick it up. All major credit cards are accepted for shipped prescriptions.

Once your prescription order is submitted, the company will enter it into the “In process” status. This order cannot be canceled online due to its automated processing. You may have to contact your pharmacy or in-store for help on canceling an order. You can cancel an order that has not been shipped by calling Walgreens toll-free customer care support.

Other Things You Should Know About Walgreens

The following are some other information you should have about using your Walgreens account;

1. In-store Ordering

In-store ordering is Walgreens’ convenient shopping option where the company’s associate helps customers order products in the store, and the products can be shipped to your home or another store. You will receive an “Order Request Form” once your order is submitted, and you must bring this form with you to pay for the order.

You can combine your product order with a contact lens order but keep in mind they will be shipped separately. Shipping rates will be charged separately, especially if you want an overnight expedited shipment.

For in-store ordering, Walgreens will accept cash payments, gift cards, checks, debit cards, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Network. You can check your in-store order status online. To return your in-store order, you must present your registered receipt or the receipt that arrives with your order at the store. Refunds will be issued only on the day of purchase if you don’t have the product with you.

To cancel your in-store order, you must present your registered receipt on the day of purchase only at any Walgreens location. Orders cannot be canceled once they are processed.

2. The FSA Eligible Products

Some OTC (over-the-counter) products used in the treatment of certain illnesses and injuries are eligible for flexible spending reimbursement. Some of these FSA products are; allergy remedies like those for cold, pain remedies, and first aid kits.

Prescription medications are always eligible for flexible spending dollars. You will need to sign up to access a printable record of your Walgreens prescriptions to enjoy such eligibility.

Many of your local in-store products are also eligible for FSA reimbursement. These eligible products are normally marked with “F” on your receipt.

3. Ordering Your Contact Lenses

To order contact lenses, you can either call the toll-free number and place your order, or you make it online.

You don’t need a copy of your prescription to order contact lenses, but you must be sure of the exact brand type. You can order a contact lens for just one eye, but you need to have a piece of prescription information for the right eye. To complete the order, de-select the unaffected eye and add the lens for the affected eye to your shopping cart.

You may want to make separate orders if you are choosing different contact lenses for different eyes. You will need your prescription to complete these orders. You may order contact lenses for other people, like your child, as long as you have their prescriptions.

Your eye prescriber may call Walgreens’ toll-free number to order your contact lenses. If your contact lens prescription has changed, you need to log into your Walgreens account and go to the contact lens center home page to place a new order. Walgreens will have to contact your prescriber for confirmation before the new order is placed.

If you enter an incorrect contact lens prescription, you should notify your prescriber, who can correct the information, or call Walgreens toll-free number.

You can’t place a new order directly if your contact lens prescription has expired. You need to see your optician and get your prescription renewed. You can place a new order once your prescriber has written a new prescription for you. Legally, Walgreens is unable to fill any expired eye prescriptions.


It is important to have all vital information about Walgreens before you sign up and become an account holder. You should know about paying for your products with insurance, for instance. In such cases, you may have to contact your insurance service provider for reimbursement as Walgreens may not accept some form of insurance coverage. You should also be aware of certain sales taxes applicable to some Walgreens products. You must be aware of shipping restrictions on certain products, such as contact lenses. If you have to cancel any order, you should do so before the shipping commences; Walgreens may not accept certain cancellations after shipping begins.

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