How To Fix Constant Phone Hanging-Up Issues 

How To Fix Constant Phone Hanging-Up Issues 

While it heats up, the continuous use of a phone may cause your phone to hang and sometimes restarts. If you ask why my phone hangs up itself, you will probably answer such by figuring out why it heats all of a sudden. Aside from heating up, your phone may hang up suddenly as a result of other issues. Low memory storage, malware in certain newly installed apps, obsolete software, and extreme temperatures may cause your smartphone to hang up occasionally. A thorough check on the device to ascertain the cause of the hang-up will help you resolve the issue.

What Are The Main Causes Of Constant Phone Hang Ups?

Low storage can create constant hang-ups. Data from videos, games, and photos, primarily from group chats and social media, can automatically store on your phone and use up storage quickly. Hanging or freezing may occur when more than 80% of your phone storage is used up.

Low RAM may also cause phone hang-ups. If your phone is low on RAM, it may not run multiple apps at the same time. Similarly, malware apps running underground can cause hang-ups in your phone. Some mobile apps may look simple but come with hidden malware, especially when downloaded from untrusted websites. Common phone malware includes viruses and firmware.

If your phone hangs up and then restart, it is probably due to overheating. The continued use of phones, especially in hot and humid weather or charging it may cause overheating. Temperatures higher than 38C degrees are considered too high for smartphones.

Outdated software versions on your phone can also cause frequent hang-ups. Your phone’s software is constantly updated to fix all kinds of bugs; when these updates are incomplete, then your phone may constantly hang.

Fixing Constant Phone Hang-Up Issues

One of the ways of resolving hang-ups on your phone is to clear data constantly. Go to Settings on your phone and then click on “Apps” and Select “Frequently used the app” and then click on “Storage” and then click on “Clear data.” You will notice your RAM space increased significantly after the clearance.

You may also want to uninstall some suspicious apps that work underground and cause frequent phone hang-ups. Those applications that are not downloaded from the phone’s default app store often come with hidden viruses that can slow down the phone’s performance.

Most phone users often think antiviruses are built for computers only, only to have malicious viruses slowing down their phones. It would be best if you considered installing an antivirus in your phone to prevent the activities of malicious underground content. You may be lucky to have an antivirus pre-installed on your phone.

Reduce the total time spent playing heavy games on your phone, mainly if they cause your constant phone hang-ups. This is particularly important if your phone has a small RAM size.

Sometimes, you have to upgrade or download and install the latest software version of some apps on your phone to end frequent hang-ups. Regular updates will help in fixing bugs. The updates should begin with your phone’s operating system that you must update to the current version. All other apps, including regular social media apps, must also be updated to prevent glitches that slow down and hang up your phone.

Sometimes, the best solution to frequent hang-ups is to get an external memory. Your phone should come with a memory extension slot to be able to do this. A MicroSD card is the most popular memory extension option for most smartphones.


If, for some reason, all these phone hang-up issues cannot be resolved, perhaps you should consider a factory reset for your phone. Having a factory reset will give your phone that fresh start it needs to restore all original contents. You need to transfer your files, including videos, and pictures somewhere before conducting a factory reset; otherwise, you may lose them. You will see your factory reset option from the settings on the home page. Also, keep in mind that repeating the same habits that cause your phone to hang up may lead to another series of hang-up issues if you don’t manage the phone’s memory, app usage, and mechanical features. For this reason, you need to avoid over-heating and downloading apps from the wrong places after the factory reset.

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