How To Mount A Projector To The Ceiling: The Ultimate Guide

How To Mount A Projector To The Ceiling

There are plenty of ways to set up a projector and screen, from a simple table in the corner to a home theater. One of the most interesting setups is installing the projector on the ceiling. This can add an extra layer of creepiness when watching horror movies, create the illusion that something is coming at you when playing video games, or make you feel like you’re in a real movie when watching them. However, it isn’t as easy as just setting up your projector and throwing up some hooks. You have to take into account distance from the wall, angle of projection, and lighting issues if they exist. However, with these tips and tricks, you can learn how to mount a projector to the ceiling like an expert so that you can hang out with friends in style!

How To Mount A Projector To The Ceiling

Choose your Projector

Before you go out and buy a projector, you first have to decide if you want to purchase a short-throw or long-throw projector. The difference is that a short-throw projector will project the image closer to the wall while a long throw will project farther from the wall. This will affect your ceiling mounting in two ways: how far from the wall it can be and how far from the ceiling it needs to be too. If you purchase a long throw projector, then you can mount it farther from the ceiling than if you bought a short-throw one. Of course, this means that if you purchased a short-throw model then it can’t be mounted as high as one with a longer throwing distance.

Get the Distance Right

The easiest way to get this right is to look at where your projector is going to be mounted on your ceiling and measure out where on your screen it should be able to hit. For example, if you are hanging your projector off of an entryway into another room, then measure out where on the screen that spot is going to be located so that when projecting onto the screen it covers what is supposed to be there in real life. This is just for getting an idea of how high off of the ground your projector needs to go; don’t worry about being precise yet because we are going to do some calculating before we actually start drilling holes into our ceilings!

Calculate Your Horizontal Distance

Now that you know where the screen is going to be located, you need to get your horizontal distance right. To do this, you need to know the throw distance of the projector. Depending on the model of projector you have, this information should either be in its manual or listed in the specifications on its product page online. Take that number and divide it by two and then subtract one foot. This will give you your horizontal distance from the wall that your projector needs to be mounted from. For example, if your throw distance is 15 feet then it needs to be 14 feet from the wall.

Calculate Your Vertical Distance

Now that we’ve got our horizontal distance figured out, we just need our vertical one! To do this, take your horizontal distance and multiply it by 2/3rds (multiply it by .666) and then add one foot for a rough estimate of where your projector should go off of the ceiling. In our example above we would have a vertical distance of 16 ft + 1ft for a rough estimate of 17ft up off of the ceiling. You can also use this calculator if you have any issues with math! Now that we’ve got all of our measurements figured out let’s start drilling holes into our ceilings!

Get Your Mounts

You can find a mount for your projector either online or at your local hardware store. They are usually pretty cheap and will be able to hold your projector up without any issues. I got my mounts for about $12 a piece and they have held up fine even with all of the movement going on in this room. You can also find mounts specifically made to work with projectors by checking out the Amazon page below, which is what I did!

How To Find The Right Location For Your Projector

  • The first thing you will want to do is find the right location for your projector. It helps to have a little bit of room around the projector so that it isn’t crowded, but you don’t want to hang it too far away from the screen so that it appears too small. If you have a large room, pick out a wall in the center of the room and mark that. If you have a smaller room, pick out two walls on opposite sides and mark them.
  • Once you have your marks on the wall, use a tape measure or yardstick to find out how far away from each of those two marks your projector is going to be. Add at least three feet onto each side so that there is space between the screen and the projector and allow for adjustments later on when mounting it onto the ceiling.
  • Once you know how far away from each wall your projector is going to be, add another foot or two between them so that there is some space between them as well. This will help with light reflection issues later on as well as give you some extra space to work with when mounting it onto the ceiling or walls around it.
  • Now take some string or painter’s tape and mark off these distances along each wall so that all of your measurements are visible at once and won’t get covered up by future decorations or furniture pieces in your viewing area!
  • You need to know the exact distance from your screen to the back of your room and how far away from that screen you want your projector. If you have a wall in your room that is on the outside wall of the room, measure out that distance as well.
  • Now take some tape and mark off where you want to mount your projector onto the ceiling or walls so that it is easy to see what you have left over for adjustments later on!

Finding The Right Height For Your Ceiling Mount

Find the right height for your ceiling mount.

Some projectors can be mounted higher than others, and you may need to adjust the projector’s position at the other end of the mount. The ceiling mount should be placed at least four feet above the floor so that no one can walk underneath it. This will prevent tripping hazards and also make sure that your projector is as far away from people as possible.

Find a place to hang your projector on your ceiling mount. 

You might need to use two hooks or an extender ring if there’s not enough space between two walls or objects in your room. If you have a large room and multiple walls, you may want to get a custom-made mount instead of using hooks or an extender ring on standard mounts like those you buy at a hardware store or online store like Amazon.

Mounting Your Projector: The Basics

You can install a projector on low ceilings by hanging it from eye hooks near its base, but this is not recommended for most people due to safety concerns about hanging equipment over their heads and getting hit in the face with falling debris if it breaks off from being pulled down by the weight of a person standing above them. Instead, mounting options include installing it onto brackets (the most popular) or using an extender ring (if there isn’t enough space between two walls). The easiest way to install a projector is with brackets; however, this requires some drilling and the use of a hammer. You can also mount it onto an extender ring, which is a round tube that you can buy at any home improvement store, but this method is not recommended because it requires drilling holes in the wall.

Mounting Your Projector: The Extender Method

You can mount your projector with an extender ring if you don’t want to drill holes in your walls or ceiling, but this takes more work than mounting your projector on brackets. It also requires some drilling and hammering as well as a bit of trial and error to get the right fit for your projector. You will also have to find an extender ring that will fit your room’s dimensions since there are many different-sized rings available on the market. You can get an extender ring from Amazon or from any home improvement store that sells lighting fixtures, like Lowe’s or Home Depot.


Mounting a projector to the ceiling is a great way to add a little extra flair to your viewing experience. However, it isn’t as easy as just throwing it up there and hoping for the best. You can easily make mistakes or overlook something that can cause the projector to fall down. If you follow these tips and tricks, you can learn how to mount a projector to the ceiling like a pro and turn any room into a movie theater!

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