How To Unlock A Stolen MacBook Pro? Gaining Access To A Mac Pro Laptop

If your MacBook Pro is stolen or you found a lost one, perhaps you can take steps to make it still usable. Instead, you should report a MacBook pro that was found to security agents because the device might be tracked down, and you may get yourself in trouble. The MacBook Pro has become one of the most targeted devices today because of its stylish brand look and numerous features that provide professional computing. Apple also roles out new features to keep the device up-to-date and more reliable for users.

So How do I Unlock a Stolen MacBook pro?

To unlock a stolen MacBook pro, you need to sign into the laptop’s iCloud, select the device, and follow the unlock prompts.

Ways To Unlock A Stolen MacBook Pro

There are several ways to unlock a stolen MacBook Pro, and they include the following;

1. Use a Passcode

If you are lucky to have the passcode of a stolen MacBook Pro, then it should be easy to unlock the device. This is the passcode obtained from your iCloud account.

First, you have to sign in to your iCloud account, go to the devices menu and click on your MacBook name. Once you find your device, click on the unlock button, and it will be automatically be unlocked via iCloud.

This procedure will request that you add a passcode that you have just received and follow a few other steps to verify your identity. Once the verification is completed, you can unlock the MacBook pro.

2. Use “Find My”

If you had already set up a find my for your MacBook Pro before it was stolen, you could use it to unlock the device.

To unlock your stolen MacBook Po from another device, you need to use another Apple device and then open “Find My.” Select the devices tab and then go to your browser and sign in to your Click on “All devices” and select your MacBook Pro to view its location on a map.

 If your MacBook Pro is somewhere near, you can have it play a sound until someone finds it. You may need the help of a security officer to arrest the individual that stole the device.

If you can’t retrieve your MacBook Pro from the thief, you may want to lock the device remotely. To do this, tap on the “Activate” option under the “Mark as Lost” inside the “Find My” app or select the “Lock” on

You may want to display a custom message with your phone number on your stolen MacBook Pro locked screen just in case someone discovers the device, and they may give you a call to return it.

You can always track your device location while it is locked, as long as it is connected to the internet. If your device is offline, your actions will automatically come up the next time it is connected to the internet.

You may want to report your stolen MacBook Pro to a law enforcement agency, and they may request the device’s serial number to track it down. If you think there is no way possible to recover your lost MacBook Pro, you can erase everything on it.

This step will delete all data on the device and prevent anyone from accessing the information. Once you erase your Mac device, you will lose everything on it, and you may not even recover them from your iCloud account.

3. Using the Recovery Mode

You can also use the recovery mode on your MacBook Pro device to reset the password if you have forgotten the old password. You should rather return the device if you stole it rather than perform these steps.

First of all, you must restart the MacBook Pro and then hold down the command button alongside the R-button on the keyboard until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Click on the device’s “Disk Utility” option before clicking on the “Continue” button.

Go to the Terminal option, and then you have to type “Reset Password” before you press the “Enter” key. This step will launch your password reset tool, and this will help you change the password of any non-encrypted Mac device account. With this step completed, you can now reset a new password and log into your MacBook Pro device.

Retrieving Your Macbook Pro Device- Answers To Other Questions About Retrieving Your Device

Retrieving your stolen MacBook Pro may not be as simple as envisaged, but the following clarity can be of great help;

1. You Didn’t Setup the “Find My” or You Can’t Find Your Mac

Find My Mac is the only service Apple offers to help you retrieve your Mac device; this is the reason why you should set up the “Find My” feature as soon as you start using the device. You can take the following steps if you haven’t set up the “Find My” on your MacBook Pro.

Step #1: Change the Apple ID password to prevent anyone from getting access to your iCloud data or getting access to other services like iMessage or iTunes from your Mac device.

Step #2: Change the password associated with everything you access on your Mac. These include emails, social media, and banking.

Step #3: Report your stolen MacBook Pro to the law enforcement agents. This could save you some trouble, especially if the thief uses your information to commit fraud. Take your MacBook Pro computer serial number with you when you go to report the device as stolen. If possible, you should also go with the original package box for the device and the receipt.

2. If You Can Unlock the MacBook Pro

If you managed to locate your Mac device, you could easily unlock it by entering the passcode you generated when you created the “Find My” feature before the device was stolen.

In case you can’t remember the passcode, you sign in to your and then select your device from the device’s menu. Select “Unlock” from the drop-down menu and then follow the prompt to verify your identity.

You may also want to unlock the device from any other Apple device such as iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPod Touch with your device code. F everything doesn’t work, you may want to take the device to an Apple-authorized service provider along with your receipt and any other proof of purchase.

3. Resetting Your MacBook Pro Login Password with Recovery Key

To get this resetting work completed, you will need the FileVault encryption enabled on your MacBook Pro, and you must have created a recovery key on your MacBook Pro. Once you have done these, you can easily use your recovery key to reset the password on your recovered device.

Click on the “Restart” button or hold down the power button to restart your MacBook Pro device. Click on the targeted user account and then select the question mark icon located below the given field. Click on the option that states, “Reset It using the recovery key.”

Once a new prompt shows up, you must enter the recovery key you have already created after enabling the FileVault encryption. Click on the “Next” button and continue with the on-screen instructions to complete the reset of your password.

Unlock MacBook Pro In A Lost Mode

The lost mode is a security feature that comes with the Find My Mac app, and it can be found on the device’s chips. You can use this security feature to remotely locate, lock and erase everything on your MacBook Pro device.

Once you put the device in the lock mode, there are three options of the next step to follow to unlock the device. First, play a sound on the device if you believe it is still somewhere nearby. The second option is to lock the device to prevent any form of usage by someone else. You will be required to enter a four-to-six-digit passcode that you will need when the device is returned to you after recovery.

The last option is to erase your Mac device to secure your information. If you have to use this option, it is recommended that you back up your computer regularly so that you can restore your information after recovering your device and after erasing your information remotely.

With a lost mode feature on, you can see the location of your device online because you can use the feature to display a customized message on your MacBook Pro, and anyone who sees it can return it to you.

If you are a recipient of a stolen MacBook Pro, you may want to return it as soon as possible before the device is located online. There are lots of MacBook Pro devices lost yearly, and a lot of convictions on thieves have come from tracking via Apple security features.

There are several ways you can still unlock a stolen MacBook Pro if you check the Apple MacBook Pro page on the Apple website.

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