What Channel Is OAN On Xfinity?  The Fascinating Things About OAN And Xfinity

What Channel Is OAN On Xfinity

The One America News Network (OAN) is a source of national and worldwide news. Moreover, it also provides viewers with business and entertainment topics. OAN provides a monthly auto-renewing subscription via in-app purchase for just $4.99 for 30 days. Once you pay this subscription, you will get to enjoy a live 24/7 video stream.

Another way you can watch OAN is by using live TV streaming options like DirecTV stream. The question that most people have been asking is whether Xfinity has OAN and which channel airs it. Xfinity is the trade name of Comcast Cable Communication that airs different channels to viewers. This article will let you know more about OAN and Xfinity.

What Channel Is OAN On Xfinity?

Unfortunately, Xfinity does not carry One American News. Therefore, you cannot find any channel on Xfinity airing OAN. In addition, Xfinity has no hurry to start airing OAN on its channels. However, you can watch OAN on Century Link, Verizon’s Fios TV, Frontier Communications, and AT&T’s U- News verse. Moreover, you can also watch OAN on YouTube.

About One American News

One America News (OAN) is a cable channel founded on July 4, 2013, by Herring Networks, Inc. Herring Networks company formed by Robert Herring Sr has its headquarters in San Diego, California. Moreover, it operates bureaus in Washington, DC, and New York.

Herring Networks reported in 2019 that 35 million homes had OAN. Moreover, it also had an audience ranging from 150,000 to 500,000. OAN’s prime-time political talk shows are conservative, and it has branded itself as one of Trump’s “biggest fans.”

History Of OAN

An independent media corporation created in 2003 by conservative businessman Robert Herring, Sr., unveiled OAN on March 14, 2013. In addition, the Washington Times, a conservative daily newspaper, partnered with OAN when it first launched. At 101 Constitution Avenue NW near the Capitol, OAN relocated its news and production studios in 2014.

Toward the end of April 2021, it had about 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. Moreover, the company’s San Diego headquarters employed around 150 people. Reuters reported in October 2021 that the network got formed in 2013 at the urging of AT&T’s executives. AT&T has since been the source of up to 90% of the network’s earnings.

Content Of OAN

Most people know OAN for its pro-Donald Trump content. Furthermore, it has described itself as one of the most incredible Trump supporters. That is why Donald Trump loves OAN.

Moreover, OAN also promotes conspiracy theories and criticisms of mainstream media. The downside of OAN is that, at times, it has been providing viewers with false news. Here are some of the OAN content that you can find.

The Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Roy Moore

In November 2017, The Washington Post reported Roy Moore’s accusations of unwanted sexual advances toward teens in his thirties. However, OAN became a source of good media and material that may cast doubt on his accusers.

OAN aired a segment of false rumors by an anonymous Twitter account in November 2017. The rumor was that Roy Moore’s accusers got offered $ 1000 by The Washington Post. Later, it got revealed that the story was not valid. However, OAN did not retract its report. 

Furthermore, on the campaign trail, Roy Moore used OAN stories to defend himself against the accusations. He used one OAN story claiming that his “Accusers Have Ties to Drug Dealers and the Washington Post.”

On the night of the Alabama Senate election, OAN incorrectly said that Moore had won the race “by a huge margin.” However, the truth was that he had lost. Additionally, the OAN misrepresented Moore’s victory by stating that he won “despite attacks from Democrats regarding unproven charges.”

Moreover, OAN also said, “several people have been arrested trying to sneak into voting booths and vote unlawfully.” However, the Alabama Secretary of State’s office stated that it had no credible evidence of voter fraud.

The Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria

In April 2018, an OAN’s correspondent went on an al-Assad regime-led tour of the area of the Douma chemical attack. He then claimed that there was no trace of a chemical attack. Moreover, he added that the Residents loved Bashar al-Assad. He also said that the neighborhood did not see anything or hear anything about chemical strikes on that day.

One month later, the White Helmets were accused by OAN of fabricating false chemical weapons attacks. The OAN claimed that the reason for the White Helmets’ action was to blame the Assad government. In addition, OAN labeled the US State Department-funded humanitarian group as “terrorist-linked.” However, The Daily Beast characterized the story as false accusations.

All You Need To Know About Xfinity

Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, uses Xfinity as its trade name that got launched in 2010. It markets the company’s consumer cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services. In addition, Dave Watson serves as CEO, Brian L. Roberts serves as chairman, and Catherine Avgiris serves as CFO. As of 2016, the company’s revenue was $50.04 billion, up from $23.7 billion in 2007.

Branding Of Xfinity

In February 2010, Comcast began re-branding its consumer triple-play service packages under the name Xfinity. Therefore, Comcast Digital Cable got renamed “Xfinity TV,” and Comcast Digital Voice became “Xfinity Voice.” Moreover, Comcast’s High-Speed Internet also became “Xfinity Internet.”

For the 2010 Winter Games, a re-branding and a promotional campaign got planned. The media viewed the re-branding as an attempt to avoid the negative connotations associated with the Comcast name.

Xfinity Mobile

As of April 6, 2017, Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile (a Verizon Wireless MVNO) was officially introduced. With Xfinity TV, internet, and home phone services, it got advertised as a quadruple play. Xfinity mobile provides users with prepaid and monthly unlimited plans. However, the unlimited monthly subscriptions will get throttled after 20 gigabytes of data use. The service is sold exclusively to Comcast internet and television customers.

Moreover, the Xfinity “Premier Double Play” and “Triple Play” subscribers will get a discount on the service. The company has also added access to Xfinity WiFi Hotspots to the services. The inclusion of Xfinity WiFi hotspots services is a means to save bandwidth limits.

Analysts say AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV was the driving force behind Xfinity Mobile’s launch in 2012. More than one million people signed up for Xfinity Mobile in the third quarter of 2018. According to Comcast’s announcement on May 18, 2020, their customers will receive new data plans, including the new 5G service.

Internet Service Of Xfinity

Comcast started providing Internet services in the late ’90s. In 2011, Comcast served 40% of the US cable internet market, making it the largest provider in the country. Moreover, Comcast had 26.5 million high-speed internet customers as of July 26, 2018.

Furthermore, Comcast helped to found the @Home Network. The @Home Network sold its internet services through Comcast’s cable lines. Even after the merging of Excite and @Home, the agreement was still in effect. However, the combined company Excite@Home went bankrupt in 2002. When this happened, Comcast moved its internet customers entirely onto its network.

Comcast charges users an extra $14.00/month to rent a cable modem when purchasing their internet subscriptions. However, Customers that purchase their modems get exempted from this fee. It will cost you $20 for Comcast to install the internet for you. However, the price will get waived for customers who prefer to install the service themselves.

Comcast began its “Internet Essentials” program in 2011. The program offered low-cost internet services to families with children who qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches. In addition, the FCC mandated this service as a condition for approving Comcast’s purchase of NBCUniversal in January 2011.

As of June 2013, around 220,000 of the projected 2.60 million households eligible for the program were participating. In addition, new users will get accepted for a total of three years, according to Comcast. In March 2014, David Cohen (Comcast vice president) had something to say to the reporters. He said that the internet essentials program would be extended forever when he met with the FCC.

Comcast disclosed a new software platform for its Arris 1682G and Cisco 3941T/3939 modems at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.  The new software platform would offer a revised configuration interface and remote setup and management support via an Xfinity mobile app. Moreover, it would also enable integration with other Xfinity platforms, such as Xfinity TV.

Is It Possible To Hide Xfinity Channels?

Yes, you can. The first thing you will do is to press the Xfinity button on your remote control. You will then select the gear icon (Settings) and press the OK button using the arrow buttons. You will use the up and down arrow buttons to scroll through the list of channels that have been blocked. You will press the  OK button to activate or deactivate the lock on a specific channel.


OAN has been providing viewers with national and worldwide news over the years. Moreover, it has one of the most incredible Trump fans. However, in some instances, OAN has been reporting fake news like those of Roy Moore. It is not possible to watch OAN on Xfinity because it does not carry it. However, you can watch OAN from other live stream options or YouTube.

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