What Phones Are Compatible With Sprint: The Best Phone Models

What Phones Are Compatible With Sprint

Sprint is among the popular mobile operators in America, and it offers wireless services. Today the best network providers in the United States are T-Mobile (merged with Sprint), Verizon, and the popular AT&T. 

The Sprint cell phone carrier ranks as third-best among the network providers rating in America. The competition between the four mentioned network providers is tough since each has exciting features and plans. 

The features are: Sprint has the most affordable unlimited data plan, AT&T offers the best bundling plans, and Verizon offers the best fiber. The other amazing Sprint features are broadband services, chat, and online voice messaging. 

The mobile service provider also has prepaid and postpaid wireless data and voice services. To access the sprint service, you must have their SIM card and a phone. Sprint is compatible with several phones such as Samsung, iPhone, etc. Let’s find out more. 

What Phones Are Compatible With Sprint

Sprint is compatible with almost all the popular phone brands. Below is more information about the top phones that are compatible with Sprint.

Apple iPhone 11

Almost everyone wishes to own an iPhone because of Apple company popularity and great features. The Apple iPhone 11 is compatible with Sprint and has some great features and specifications. 

The smartphone supports 5G connectivity; this guarantees you great internet connectivity. The phone is unlocked, and this makes it to more compatible with Sprint and other network providers. 

In addition, Apple iPhone 11 is quite affordable. On the downside, iPhone 11 has a weak battery.

Motorola Moto E

It’s a budget-friendly option made for people who do not want to spend a lot on the phone. At its low budget, the phone has high features and has an Android ten operating system. 

Its design is simple, just like other entry-level smartphones, and has both rear and front cameras. The HD LCD screen is 6.2 inches which is a great size. Despite the small price tag, Motorola will perform its functions well. 

One Plus 9 Pro

The OnePlus is one of the leaders in the android smartphone industry. It has classy and very refined smartphones. Like the apple brand, the OnePlus brand is usually so keen on details. 

However, OnePlus has more clever ideas, such as gradient refraction, which makes it beautiful. The smartphone is larger than most 6.4 inches, but its attractiveness is appealing and makes its size more compelling. 

The phone’s slim design is also another great feature. The phone’s screen is 6.7 inches and is Fluid AMOLED QHD. The display has a refresh rate of 120Hz with is great for fast-paced gaming. 

Apple iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is among Apple’s most affordable smartphones. Its design is similar to that of the iPhone 8, and it delivers exceptionally well considering its price.  

Its price tag doesn’t mean it’s not powerful; the iPhone’s performance is almost identical to the latest Apple models. The great thing is that it still receives iOS updates. 

The phone is perfect for people that love old phone designs and features like Touch ID. It also offers great performance and power considering its price. 

The phone includes USB C fast charging and Qi wireless charging. The battery is quite powerful and can play audio or video for up to 40 hours on a single charge. 

Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung brand is one of the most popular phone brands in the world. Today the company strives to produce high-quality phone models at an affordable price. 

Samsung is known to produce high-end phones with great features; with the S21, the feature is great but affordable. The model is a slouch; the only issue is the design of the corner. 

Its internet connectivity is 5G and will offer you a better experience. On the downside, the phone does not have a microSD slot; the company assumes that a normal android user doesn’t need expandable storage. 

How To Switch From A Different Carrier To Sprint

It is possible to switch a phone not bought from the sprint store and a different network to Sprint. There are ways you can do it. 

Firstly, unlock the phone to switch to Sprint. The phone you want to switch to should be compatible with Sprint; you can check the compatibility from the Sprint store. 

If it’s compatible with Sprint, you can select any plan that fits your needs and budget. You then order the SIM card and activate it once you receive it. 

The great thing about Sprint is that it allows you to keep the current phone number with the contacts. Anytime a person shifts to Sprint, the service providers ask whether you want to retain your current phone number. 

Sprint does all the cancellation processes of the other network provider before activating the sprint number. 

The Best Sprint Services And Plans 

Sprint is popular for its unlimited and very affordable plan. The service provider only has one unlimited plan. The prepaid Sprint plan comes with unlimited data and text. 

Or it can offer you a prepaid plan plus a data cap. In addition to your phone plan, you can get extra 10 GB of mobile hotspot data for your monthly usage. Another extra benefits are HD video streaming without necessarily connecting to Wi-Fi. 

Even though Sprint has the cheapest plans available, it faces massive competition from other service providers. The other network couriers are AT&T, Xfinity, and Verizon. 

As mentioned, it’s the lower plan prices that make Sprint excel. Another great thing about Sprint is it offers both 4G and 3G coverage. The company partnered with Apple iPhone and is the sole network provider that offers unlimited data plans to new subscribers. 

You can use sprint unlimited plan for international data and text. However, its speed will fall to 2G, still an excellent deal for those who love traveling.

The Pros Of Sprint Phone Plans 

Unlimited Plans

The Sprint cell phone carrier has some of the best-unlimited plans in the industry. Their plans have some fantastic features that their competitors do not have. 

It includes things such as streaming subscriptions, huge hotspot allotments, etc. 

To learn more about the sprint phone plans, you can visit their official website. You will see the plans and their prices.


Sprint is among the major cell phone carrier with the cheapest plans. Most of the Sprint plans are below $25. It also features one year free unlimited, which is only available for new customers more so those who switch from their competitors. 

How To Find The Best Sprint Plan

Finding the right sprint plan is quite easy. However, you will have to visit the Sprint website to see the plans and their prices. The plans include prepaid plans, family plans, unlimited plans, and cellphone plans. 

Sprint offers some of the best-unlimited plans in terms of benefits. Some of their best-unlimited plans are Hulu and Tidal subscriptions.  

The Cons Of Sprint Phone Plans 

Customer Service 

The issue with customer service does not only affect Sprint; users also complain about other major cell phone carriers. However, Sprint has room for improvement, and this will make it sell its services more. 

Talking to an agent or live person on the phone at Sprint takes some time. Plus, most people at the customer center do not know much about the latest plans and deals. T-Mobile has invested in the customer service area, hoping Sprint will follow suit.


The other major con of Sprint is its network coverage, and it ranks 4th. The coverage has some issues, but its coverage across all costs is good and in certain parts of the country. 

The Merger Between T-Mobile And Sprint

The merger between the two cell phone carriers happened in 2020. To other cell phone carriers, the merger was illegal and could bring unhealthy competition and price increments. 

However, the court did not stop the merger since it was legal. The merger has some benefits to the telecom business and users. So, what is the major benefit? 

Wider Network 

The merger means that sprint customers will have access to a wide network. It also includes access to the popular 5G network of T-Mobile that is available nationally.

On the other hand, the T-Mobile users will also be able to access the sprint mid-band 5G. The broad support range is great for the customers that want 5G for IoT communications. 


In this article, there is all the factual information about phone models that are compatible with Sprint. Sprint is among the best wireless carriers in America and offers internet and wireless services. 

With Sprint, you can access messaging, broadband services, wireless voice, and other subsidiaries under virgin mobile. Today the company ranks fourth in the USA as a mobile network operator and serves millions of people. Like some networks, it does not give government phones. 

Sprint competes with the big four networks because it operates 3G and 4G networks across the United States.  

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