How To Check If HDMI Port Is Working: The Malfunctioning Of The HDMI Port

How To Check If HDMI Port Is Working

In today’s world, advanced technology has made things to be more accessible. Now you can watch anything from your laptop on your TV. It is possible due to devices called HDMI ports. When you use an HDMI cable, the HDMI port will enable you to display anything from your PC to your HDMI device.

However, there are times you may find that the content displayed has blurry images. If this happens, it might be that your HDMI port is having problems. Here is a guide to check if the HDMI port is working and how you can fix the problem.

How To Check If HDMI Port Is Working

You will start by pressing the “Start” button and then right-click on the “Computer” option. Once you do that, a context menu will appear, and you will click on “Properties.” Afterward, you will go to the “Device Manager” menu and, Under “Display Adapters,” find the HDMI port for your device. Not having a list of HDMI ports indicates that your HDMI port has failed and is not working.

How To Know If HDIM Port Is Working

The first thing to do is click start on your computer or laptop. You will then right-click on “Computer” and then select properties.  Once you are on the “properties” option, you will click on device manager.

Under “Display Adapters,” look for your HDMI port. Not having a list of HDMI ports indicates that an HDMI port has failed and must get replaced. If the listing appears, select “Properties” from the context menu by right-clicking on it. By doing so, you will see the status of your HDMI port in the dialog box.

If the status shows “the device is functioning properly,” it means that your HDMI port is in good working shape. Moreover, a notification saying that you need to troubleshoot your device indicates that your HDMI port is functioning. However, it has a potentially fixable fault. A “failed” status message indicates that your HDMI port is damaged.

How To Fix A TV’s HDMI Ports That Is Not Working

Repairing a damaged HDMI port on television is doable. However, it isn’t easy. Therefore it should only get done by someone comfortable with soldering tiny connections.

It is best to avoid repairing your TV if it is under warranty. Therefore, you should take it to the manufacturer if you want to make any repairs. Here is how you can fix a TV’s HDMI port that is not working.

Steps Of Fixing A TV’s HDMI port

The first thing to do is to place the television on a flat work surface after unplugging it. It would be best to know that more than a 45-degree viewing angle is not recommended for plasma TVs. Therefore, you will have to do all of your work standing up. All other screen types should get laid down so that the HDMI port is easily accessible.

The next step is taking off the TV’s exterior casing. You should ensure you are patient and gentle when operating on each different set. Look for screws keeping the housing in place if it won’t come off on its own and remove them.

You will then examine the HDMI port that has been damaged. You will ensure you look for broken connections between the port and the circuit board to which it is attached. Moreover, check the circuits with the continuity tester if you don’t see any breaks.

Using two probes, connect one to the port’s pin location. Connect the other probe to a solder point on the circuit board corresponding to that pin’s location. The HDMI port has 19 pins. However, not all of them will get connected to the TV’s circuits.

If you locate a broken connection, re-solder it. Moreover, re-solder the original plug if the damage to the port is limited to a few broken solder points. To ensure that everything is working as it should, conduct a second continuity test after you’ve finished.

In some instances, the HDMI port might get physically damaged and hence cannot be repaired. If this happens, remove the solder from the port. However, you should ensure that you first observe the circuit board’s connection before you start.

Afterward, remove the molten solder with the de-soldering pump after heating the solder connections. Once you finish doing that, remove the HDMI port that is faulty. You will then connect the new HDMI port to your circuit board by soldering it in place. In addition, make sure that you match the pin connections on your notes.

What To Do If Your Laptop’s HDMI Port Isn’t Working

Several different things can cause HDMI problems. Therefore, there are several different ways to fix them. Here are some of the things you can do.

Check Your Hardware

Your Laptop’s HDMI port may not be functional because of a hardware malfunction. Your HDMI experience can suffer if you have faulty or corrupted hardware. Therefore, to fix your Windows’s HDMI, you should first check if your hardware is okay.

The first thing you will check is if your HDMI cable is working correctly. The HDMI cable used to connect your Windows laptop to your HDMI device should be without any damage. Moreover, ensure you determine whether or not your HDMI cable is compatible with your computer.

The next thing to check is the HDMI ports. You should ensure that they are in perfect shape to function correctly. HDMI ports that have been damaged or corrupted may be the cause of the problem.

Restarting And Reconnecting Your Devices

If the HDMI is not working, it is most likely due to an incorrect device boot up. When this happens, it would be best to restart your systems and reconnect your HDMI-connected devices. If you want to make sure you’re doing everything correctly, you can follow the following pattern:

You will start by switching on your HDMI-enabled devices, such as a TV or speaker. Once you do that, you will then power on your Windows laptop or desktop computer. Afterward, you must turn off your HDMI devices once more but keep your Windows system running.

Now disconnect all HDMI connections from your HDMI device and your Windows PC, and then reconnect them. Once you finish this process, your HDMI should be working correctly.

Set Your HDMI Device As The Default Display

If your HDMI is still not working, look into whether your HDMI device is configured as the default or not. It won’t work if you don’t have your HDMI device configured as the default device on your Windows system. Therefore ensure you set your HDMI device as your default device. The following are the steps you can take to make your HDMI device your default device.

You will first right-click on the “Volume icon” on the Task Bar, and you will go to a mini ‘sound’ window. You will then go to the “Playback” tab once you are on the mini window. You will find your playback devices listed on the Playback tab, including your system’s built-in speakers and HDMI devices.

In the next step, you will choose the HDMI device you wish to use as the default. Click “Set Default” and then click “Okay,” and you’re done. Your Windows 10 laptop will now use your HDMI output as the default HDMI device.

Remove Recently Installed Software

The HDMI connection can potentially get disrupted by a recently installed program or software. A new program may be problematic or incompatible with your system if you recently installed it. Therefore, if your Windows 10 PC HDMI port is not working, you should uninstall this software. Here are the steps to help you uninstall the recently installed software.

The first thing is to open the Search panel on the Task Bar and type “Control Panel” in the search field. When you search for “Control Panel,” the Control Panel window will open.

You will then find the “Programs” option on the Control Panel window. Under “Programs,” select “Uninstall a Program.” After clicking on this link, a list of all programs on your Windows 10 computer that you can delete will appear.

You will then Look for the recently installed software in the “Uninstall or Change a Program” section. Once you find the recently installed software, right-click on them and select the “Uninstall” option. Afterward, you will quit the Programs and Features windows. Moreover, ensure you restart your computer to verify if you have resolved the HDMI port issue.

When An HDMI Port Fails, What Happens?

The HDMI ports are the unsung heroes of the home theater system because of their rich sound and stunning visuals. However, when the HDMI port fails, you will have blurry images and screeching sounds. It will make your home theater system experience to be awful. Therefore, you should ensure that your HDMI port is functioning correctly at all times.


You have seen how vital an HDMI port is if you want to watch something on your TV from your PC. Moreover, you should also not forget that you will need HDMI cables for them to work. Sometimes, you may experience blurry images and screeching sounds and not know what the problem is. If it happens, ensure you follow the above procedure to check if your HDMI is working.

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